BCycle wants you to imagine a world where it’s easy to get around. It wants you to imagine a world in which car ownership is the exception rather than the rule, a world where emissions are things of the past and where our transport is greener and cleaner.

BCycle operates a bicycle sharing system in many cities in the United States and similar operations are available in many places throughout the world. And it’s a great idea for the traveller.

One of the most frequent questions we used to get asked at our vacation rental was ‘where can we hire a couple of bikes?’ And certainly, there are a lot of bike rental companies in existence these days as it’s a perfect way to travel. It’s not only good for the planet, it’s healthy and keeps you fit.

Plus the slower mode of travel is what many people are looking for these days. Rather than dashing everywhere at top speed, getting around on a bicycle gives you the chance to enjoy your surroundings and even take you to place that aren’t accessible by car or public transport. This is especially the case when you’re away from home and in a new city.

Only the most dedicated cyclists would go to the expense of  taking their bikes on vacation with them. But with a BCycle system you’ll find a constant availability of bikes, always in good condition, that are available to you at all times. And the beauty of this is that you can use your bike for as long as you require it than leave it at any of the bike stations locally.

Find out more here and in the video below.

Although you don’t need to use the app in order to use the BCycle service, it’s fun. Here are the details.

If you’re staying in South Florida, you might be interested to know that BCycle is popular and widely used in the area. You can find out more here. Where to stay? See below.

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