Of course, there are people who see the words ‘Costa Brava’ and think “oh no, far too touristy and isn’t it there that those cheap packae holidays to to and all the London gangsters go to retire?”

Actually it’s the Costa del Sol that is the haven for English criminals (although that might be something of a stereotype these days) and although the beach areas of Spain can be touristy, there’s a reason for that – some of the places are downright lovely.

Cadaqués has the advantage of being close to the border with France and I detect a French infuence there. It’s also only a couple of hours from Barcelona so the wealthier people from there, the ones who can afford to have second homes to use just at the weekends, have and still do leave their mark on the area.

The video below will give you some idea of it’s narrow winding streets, the traditional buildings and the sparkling sea,

Another factor that has more than likely affected the atmosphere of the village is the fact that it used to be frequented by many artists – ones whose names we certainly know today. In fact, one of the attractions of the area is the Casa Salvador Dali – his house which is now a museum.

It gets great reviews

There are hotels, restaurants and bars in the village and you’ll find everything you need for a reelaxing stay. If you’re visiting as part of a road trip, it’s worth staying for at least one night so that you can make the most of the area and the Dali House.

How to Find Cadaqués



Casa Salvador Dali

Port Lligat,
17488 Cadaqués,




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