This amazing castle in the Czech Republic dates from 1240. It’s an astonishing place to visit. The town of Český Krumlov is a designed UNESCO World Heritage Site and quite rightly.

You can see some of the highlights of the castle in the video below.

Since the early 1700s, the moat has been home to brown bears. In those days, the bears were indigenous to the region. although the local bear population has since died out. You’ll still find a few bears living in the moat although they are nor descended from the originals.

They are however extremely dangerous. The castle employs a keeper to ensure that the bears are well cared-for and keep the tourists at bay. Certainly, they look like cuddly teddy bears but they can be a little vicious if riled!

Where is Český Krumlov?

Český Krumlov Castle

Zámek 59,
381 01 Český Krumlov,




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