You’re probably like me and don’t really approve of the way that we are ‘nannied’ about germs these days. But when the world is in a situation like the one we have at the moment with the coronavirus, then hygiene has become incredibly important to us. Rightly.

It has been noticeable in the last few weeks that personal hygiene may not have been all it was cracked up to be – people had to be told to wash their hands and taught to wash their hands … didn’t they anyway? Evidently not if they needed telling and teaching.

Bearing that in mind, it brings us to the first advantage that short term rental accommodation is going to be superior for you when you’re next on a trip rather than a large and impersonal hotel.

We’ve all seen those videos of how shocking cleaning standards can be in even the most expensive hotels. Hotel management has been well aware of this and most chains have introduced systems to step up when it comes to cleaning the guest rooms. And if it doesn’t happen, let’s not be too hard on the often overworked and underpaid housekeeping staff – they do as best they can under the guidelines from the management in the short time they have available.

Hopefully the same applies to the public areas of the hotels where people are leaving germs aplenty in the elevator, the corridors, the stairwells, the bar, the gym and so on.

But choose a more personal experience, and stay with a host who offers short term rental accommodation – let’s say just one suite or apartment – and there are no common areas and with just the one property to sanitise and clean, you can be assured of its cleanliness. Genuine hosts with one, or two at the most, properties to care for take pride in what they offer to their guests.

They are concerned about their guests’ comfort and well being. And let’s be honest, by providing a beautifully clean and welcoming atmosphere, they are looking after their own reputation too – vitally important for the self-employed host with a small business. As a bonus, a self-catering place is likely to be less expensive than a hotel too.

Road trips may become a lot more popular in the future as we avoid crowded public transport and small-business short term rentals are the perfect places to stay as you travel. What’s more, an incredibly important aspect of staying with local hosts is that the money you spend stays in the local community rather than into the coffers of a multinational company.

Genuine hosts will offer you recommendations – tell you where to get the best pizza delivery, where to park for the water taxi, which beaches will allow you to take your dog and so on. These will be real recommendations, not like the ones you’d get from a hotel concierge who probably lives a half-hour drive away and get getting comped by the places he/she recommends to you.

And because those recommendations are likely to be local businesses, again your dollars are staying in, and helping the local community.

We know from the coronavirus that the possibility of us being infected with any virus-type infection is caused by other people. In a hotel, you’ll have a very hard time avoiding everyone. But in local self-catering accommodations, most hosts have, for the benefit of their guests, arranged easy self check-in using a keypad. You can simply arrive and let yourself in – no human contact required.

And I mentioned self-catering … it’s sad that we have to avoid people, true, but eating out does cause masses of people to be crammed together in small spaces. Relax and make your own quick, easy and delicious meals.

Choose a rental with a private outdoor area and you’ll find that happy hour watching the sun go down really is better than being cramped in a noisy bar.

In a short term rental apartment or suite, you’ll be able to really relax and enjoy your trip to the full.




JJ is originally from the UK and has lived in South Florida since 1994. She is the founder and editor of JAQUO Magazine. You can connect with her using the social media icons below.

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