When I first came to Fort Lauderdale from England – way back in the eighties – I would have loved to have stayed in a place where someone knew what I was talking about! Ten years later, I moved here permanently and it took me quite some time to adjust to being a Brit abroad.

So if you’re thinking about coming here – and what better place? – then why not stay in a gorgeous apartment that offers you waterfront views, great amenities, boasts a wonderful location and has a British manager right there on hand?

She (me, actually!) understands that you need an electric kettle and a teapot in your vacation home. She knows where you can go to get real English beer and, believe it or not, a real ‘English’ curry. (I find that most vacationers from the UK have cravings for these after just a few days).

And if you’ve never been to the States before you’ll find that the language barrier is far greater than when you go to, for example, France or Spain. Your friendly onsite manager can help you with that so that you don’t get arrested for saying ‘I could murder a fag’.

Here’s your rental apartment:


Isn’t that gorgeous? Just look at that magnificent view. Imagine yourself sitting on the dock, sipping your favourite beverage and watching the boats go by. (Your apartment is the one upstairs so note that it is unsuitable for guests who have mobility problems.)

Picture yourself enjoying lunch on the outdoor dining table. Imagine that suntan. And as you can see, the building, erected in 1949, is in typical Mid-Century South Florida style.

You’ll find that your apartment is equipped with:

  • Full kitchen to prepare your meals
  • Central air-conditioning (essential in South Florida)
  • Everything you need for days at the beach
  • Good wifi
  • Cable TV
  • Queen bed
  • Washer & dryer (coin operated)
  • Lots of tourist information, guidebooks, local menus & transport info

There’s much more too and remember that you’ll have your friendly English onsite manager available to help you, seven days a week.


Sunny, Waterfront Mid-Century Gem

Fort Lauderdale, FL, United States
Set midway between Fort Lauderdale Beach and the fabulous Las Olas Boulevard, this quiet and secluded complex is right on the waterfront and enjoys charming Mid-Century Modern features. Fully moder...

Your rental apartment

Hendricks Isle,
Fort Lauderdale,





JJ is originally from the UK and has lived in South Florida since 1994. She is the founder and editor of JAQUO Magazine. You can connect with her using the social media icons below.

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