No joke, I have honestly been messing around for over two hours trying to decide what image to add here as the lead photograph for this article.

I’m no copyright lawyer but I’m pretty sure that there’s no way I’m allowed to put work by a still-living artist up here. So I’m going to have to rely on the videos – with no copyright restrictions – below. They will show you the totally amazing, perfectly gobsmacking portrait of Ayrton Senna created by street-artist Eduardo Kobra in Sao Paulo.

This fabulous work was created to commemorate the greatest racing driver in history. (Yes, I’m biased but it’s true).

It was created by Kobra in 2015 with the express permission of Senna’s family. 

They knew that they could trust him to create a fitting portrait as a tribute to the late world champion as Kobra had already painted a couple of works featuring Senna. And where better than the driver’s native city.


As you can see, the mural focuses on Senna’s eyes behind his helmet. The artist said:

“It did not take more than that. The look sums up and demonstrates everything it is.”

See this site for a list of other works by the artist in Sao Paulo.


Ayrton Senna Street Art

More from the artist…




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