We’re accustomed to services such as Uber and Airbnb. We even know about similar services for boats, yachts, bikes, sports equipment and more. But Flyotto means that we can now rent private aircraft too.

I just looked up to find out about a trip from Fort Lauderdale to Miami. The distance isn’t great – it’s under thirty miles by car. But driving down the I95 can be a hassle (and a hazard) and although the usual driving time is about 40 minutes, it can be much, much longer than that.

There are frequent fender benders, breakdowns and all sorts of mayhem that can cause traffic to crawl or come to a complete stop. Even roadworks can extend your journey by a long time. But if i want to fly, I’m presented with 19 choices.

The first private plane ( Cessna) can take three passengers at $143 per person. This is followed by a Piper Seneca that takes five passengers at $92 per person. There are various options at just over $100 if eight people want to fly together. The journey would take about twenty minutes.

Getting to Key West from Fort Lauderdale would take about an hour as opposed to almost four hours by car.

Flyotto aims to make chartering a plane online as easy as renting a car.






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