Have you? Maybe you’ve got an idea for a fabulous app that would make a host’s life easier. Maybe you think that a service supplying consumables to hosts for their guests is a great idea. Or perhaps your ideas range from property management to providing cleaning crews.

Do you know what I’d say to you if you came to me with your idea?

I understand that you want to get on to what you see as the gravy train. But please don’t spend your time developing that ‘great’ app, that ‘essential’ delivery service or that ‘innovative’ property management scheme.

If it’s a good idea, it’s already been done. If it’s not been done then the chances are that it’s not a great idea.

Okay, it’s great that you have ideas. And okay, you might be that one in a million who genuinely does have a great idea – but I doubt it,

If you are the sort of person who really is one in a million and has really, truly, honestly brilliant ideas then you’ll have another one in a minute and one that’s in an industry that really needs you.

Why don’t we hosts need your brilliant idea? Well, apart from the fact that it’s probably been thought of before, you’ll find that any product or service that is for Airbnb hosts has one major flaw – that is, not realising that all hosts are different.

Don’t believe me? Then let’s see if this will do the trick. The apartment right next door to one of our rentals is also advertised on Airbnb. So is the apartment directly below. The apartments in almost every respect are identical. Sure, the decor and furniture differ but the amenities are the same. Plus the view, the location, the size, the floorplan, the parking availability etc.

But that where the similarity ends.

Within a tiny radius, there are three hosts all with different hosting styles. What’s great for one is useless for another. And for several reasons, the guests that are attracted to the rentals are also different. The people who are preparing and maintaining the place are also different. There are so many variables that create so many permutations.

There’s really no such thing as a ‘typical’ host, rental, guest or scenario. There are hosts who offer $25 per night rooms in a shared house, those who offer private islands for hundreds of dollars per night and everything in between.

However, if you still feel that your product is a good idea then research and test very thoroughly. And a question you’re going to be asked is how long you’ve been hosting. You see, unless you’ve been in this job for a couple of years at the very least, you don’t know what it’s like at all. Preferably, you’ll have hosted in a variety of different ways (separate apartment, room in shared house and so on) so that you’ll have the experience of more than one type of set up.

When you have your own business, especially when you’re an entrepreneur creating and promoting your own product, you have to be tough. The busy people that you’ll be dealing with don’t have the time to pander to you. I’m sorry about that. We don’t have the time to feed your ego.

Sad, I know.




JJ is originally from the UK and has lived in South Florida since 1994. She is the founder and editor of JAQUO Magazine. You can connect with her using the social media icons below.

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