If you hosts guests via Airbnb or a similar service then it might be that you avoid have a second set of guests arrive just hours after your last guests have left. After all, Airbnb suggests that checkout time is 10 am and check in time 3 pm. Some hosts baulk at the idea of getting their accommodation ready for new guests within a window of just a few hours.

But for those who are available to do so (and not everyone is if they are out at work) handling a same day turnover is really quite simple as long as you follow certain guidelines.


It’s obvious that if you have guests who linger after checkout time, or guests who arrive early, then you’re going to be rushed and stressed about getting the place ready. So your first step is to ensure that neither of these things happen.

Sometimes hosts try to be as lenient as possible with check in and check out times – I do when it’s practical – but guests don’t always realise that these times may have to be strictly adhered to.

The best way to ensure that they leave/arrive at the best time for you is to make sure that a) you discuss it with them in advance and b)remind them the day before. If you’re using Airbnb you should do this via their message system.


If you have one bed in your rental and yet only one set of bedding then you’re likely to be in trouble one day. Of course, having to do the laundry in between guests adds much too long to your preparation time but that’s the least of your worries. For example, what do you do if a towel or sheet is badly stained? You won’t have time to treat it before the next guests arrive.

Plus you need to have spares just in case your guests have any sort of bedding accident. Of course, sometimes these accidents are rather gross to deal with (be sure that you have rubber gloves!) but imagine a ‘clean’ situation where a guest spills a large bottle of water over the bed.

You’ll want to have spares so that you can easily replace them so that your guests have a comfortable night’s sleep. And while we’re on the subject, be sure to have mattress and pillow protectors. In a water emergency, a mattress or pillow can be dried with a hairdryer but who has time for that? And chances are that there’ll still be a stain.

So be sure that everything in your rental is duplicated and before the guest checks out have everything you need to stock the rental with bedlinen and towels is ready in a bag so that you just have to make one trip. If you have a kitchen, for example, be sure to incude clean dish towels, paper towel and so on.


For example, we have a spare duvet and before a guest leaves, I already have it inserted into the newly-laundered duvet cover. Fitting the duvet in the room can take up too many of your valuable preparation minutes. Do you leave a basket of welcome items for your guests? Many hosts do.

For example, some hosts like to leave a basket or container holding bottled water, a few snacks or pieces of fruit for their arriving guests. be sure to assemble that before your other guests leave. Similarly, some hosts leave a selection of toiletries – have them prepared and packaged in advance.


Do you have a locked cupboard or other storage in your rental? If so it’s a good idea to buy items you need for your turnovers in there especially if you can buy in bulk to save money. This includes items that you might need such as toilet paper, dish soap, shampoo and so on.

Buying in bulk will also cut down on your shopping time, especially if you purchase these items online. It takes just a few minutes of your time and then the goods are delivered to your door. The more you can keep in the rental, especially in a secure, locked space means that you have what you need right at hand.


Do you have to drag the vacuum cleaner from your own home or private quarters into the space you rent out? Do you have to carry your cleaning equipment with you? Keep as many cleaning materials in the rental as possible so that everything is on hand for your quick turnover.

Expensive and easily moved items such as a stick vacuum cleaner should be locked away if possible but leaving cleaning materials at hand openly allows (and encourages) your guests to clean up after themselves and can make your own preparation time easier.

If you have a whole apartment or house rental then this is easy to do. But even if you’re renting a room in your home, it’s still a good idea to give your guests the wherewithal to be clean and tidy. Be sure, for example, that you have waste paper baskets with liners. The more you can do to help your guests keep your place in good condition, the better.

Be sure not to forget cleaning products too. I like to make sure that there are sanitising wipes and other loo products in the bathroom and there are always general purpose cleaning sprays and liquids in the cupboard under the kitchen sink. Although I personally don’t like to use wipes for every cleaning job they certainly make life easier for guests. And don’t forget spare trash bags.


Noy all hosts can do this but if you can figure out a way to do this then it can help a lot with same day turnovers. Most guests who linger after checkout time do so because their flight leaves in the afternoon and they have nowhere to go. If you can store their luggage for them than you are giving the guests a bonus service plus making your own life easier.

It’s the same with guests who want to arrive early. Guests who ask for an earier check in time often do so because they don’t want to be lugging their bags around until mid afternoon. Offer to store their luggage and it gets the host/guest relationship off to a great start.

If you think that you don’t have the facility to store luggage then try thinking creatively. For example, you could use a dock box in your garden, on your deck or on the patio. Or try a storage bench, inside or out.


True, this may take a little financial outlay but by accepting same day turnovers means that these items will soon pay for themselves. And when you have a day between guests you’ll feel positively leisurely as these can make your cleaning time just fly by.

See below. The iRobot and the Dyson V6 are my absolute favourites and I can’t imagine hosting without them.




JJ is originally from the UK and has lived in South Florida since 1994. She is the founder and editor of JAQUO Magazine. You can connect with her using the social media icons below.


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