Slovakia is known for its beautiful historic buildings and its fabulous areas of natural beauty. But among all this is the Hotel Galéria Spirit – with a rather brave choice of architecture, to say the least. The interior is equally unconventional featuring modern art everywhere.

Bear in mind that this place offers budget accommodation and is more in the style of a hostel than a hotel. Shared rooms are available as are private rooms. But it’s very well located for public transport and offers budget accommodation with a bonus – it’s a health-conscious place that prepares free dietary supplements for every guest. As the hotel states:

We find the best supplement for you according to your current health conditions and also to your life and fitness goals you hope to achieve in the future. There is one meal a day included in the room price.

This just adds to the quirkiness of a stay in the fascinating building. They also offer retreats:

Our retreats focus on enhancement of your beauty, professional success and practical application of your newly acquired lifestyle. In our retreats, we use a variety of teaching techniques, such as art, humor, synergy, (Night wizard school) as well as latest know-how from philosophy, psychology, and development of extraordinary abilities.

Night wizard school? I’m not sure about that but I love the photo ops!

How to Find Hotel Galéria Spirit

Hotel Galéria Spirit

Vančurova 1694/1,
831 01 Bratislava,


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