Unless we are rather weird, have an unpleasant medical condition or are an alien from another far-off planet, most of us visit the loo a few times a day. But in Kawakawa in New Zealand, people visit the public toilets in order to take photographs and to ooh and aah.

For these public conveniences were designed by Austrian/New Zealand architect Frederick Hundertwasser. Hundertwasser was a proponent of architecture that was away from the normal standards of the day. Straight lines were not his thing at all.

He believed that the architecture that surrounds us whether were are at home, out at work, enjoying our leisure hours – or indeed, peeing – then the buildings that surround us can affect our mood, our character and our enjoyment of life and the natural world.

With this in mind, he designed buildings – many in Europe – that reflected his ideals. You’ll notice, for instance, that the Kawakawa toilets have a feature that Hundertwasser liked to employ – a living roof.



New Zealand




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