The abbey was founded in 1148 – which by anyone’s standards is a very long time ago. Little has changed since that time. To this day. the monks gather, seven times every day, to pray within the chapel.

And just as they have for hundreds of years, in order to help support their way of life they farm lavender and honey bees – what a wonderful combination.

A peaceful combination too, I think.

Just as peaceful is a visit to the monastery. The monks make the premises available for guests to visit and it’s also available for those wishing to experience a retreat. The admission fees are low and and income the abbey receives goes towards its upkeep.

There are guided tours but, quite incongruously in a building of such a vast age, you can also use modern technology to see what life was like in the abbey back in the thirteenth century.

Using a Histopad, you’ll be able to see a virtual reality world which has been scientifically and historically created to show you just what life was like. What’s more, you can also wander around the fragrant lavender fields.

A wonderful day out.


Where is Abbaye de Sénanque?

Abbaye de Sénanque

84220 Gordes,




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