For a couple of years now teenagers and young adults have apparently reduced their usage of their phones when they want to take photographs. Sure, they still use their phones – the photographs can so easily be shared on social media – but the Instax camera has definitely been finding its way into the hearts of the young.

Now we ‘grown ups’ have our own version and it’s perfect for travellers.

The Instax is a lightweight camera that develops photographs not exactly instantly but in about a minute, like the old fashioned Polaroid cameras that some of us are old enough to remember. And users are loving it.

It seems that the idea of printed photographs, as opposed to those that get lost in the albums on our phones, are making a big comeback.


Do you remember the slogan ‘Kodak doesn’t sell film, it creates memories.’? Well, after years of storing our photographs on our phones, we now have the ability to create and share our memories. Sure, we can share on Facebook but where will those photographs be in a couple of years? Forgotten by all.

Something you may not remember is that when the Polaroid camera was first developed it was used extensively by travellers to astound the locals! And it can still do it today.

With the Instax Neo Classical, we can:


  • Leave lasting memories with travelling companions and those we meet along the way. For example, when you’re leaving your rental, take a photograph of yourself and your host (yes, the Instax does great selfies) and leave it with them as a memento
  • Keep in touch with those we meet on our travels. Take a selfie or a group photograph and add your phone number or email address in the white space ‘frame’
  • Create ‘old-fashioned’ scrapbooks of our travels. It’s so much nicer than flipping through your phone images
  • Stand out from the crowd. When everyone else is taking their phone photographs, the vintage styled Instax is a real attention-grabber
  • Avoid sorting photographs on our phones or laptops, then print them. I truly don’t remember the last time I printed a phone photograph, do you?
  • Make new friends. At a gathering there will be some people who haven’t seen an instant camera for years. Younger people may have never seen one. They’re bound to be intrigued by this great conversation-starter. This is a great idea for the solo traveller
  • Discover a brand new hobby
  • Have fun at parties and gatherings. A popular thing to do is take photographs and pin them on the wall or use a clothespeg to hang them on a cord or wire. Then everyone can have their own memento of the occasion


JJ is originally from the UK and has lived in South Florida since 1994. She is the founder and editor of JAQUO Magazine. You can connect with her using the social media icons below.
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