Taupo is on many travellers’ wish list. There is so much to see and do there. Adventures to experience. Sights to see. Fun to be had. But there’s yet another excellent reason to visit Taupo. To go to the local McDonald’s. Yes, McDonald’s. Fast food. The burger place.

Why, you might ask? I can have a McDonald’s burger right here at home, surely? Yes, of course but if you do go to Taupo you can experience one of the most unusual fast food places in the whole world. You can munch your burger sitting in an aeroplane – and old DC-3.

Now I have to admit that McDonald’s is not exactly on my list of ‘places I’m going to eat in the near future’. And eating a generic burger is not exactly my idea of fine dining. You probably agree. But what an opportunity – one in a lifetime, really. And if you’re going to eat a McDonald’s, there are few more intriguing places.

In fact, in recent years it has been top of the world’s coolest McDonald’s locations list.

The plane was built in 1943 and was in regular use until 1984. The following year the then-mayor of Taupo bought the plane and (this story gets crazier) intended to use it as the offices of his car lot, the Aeroplane Car Company – located right next to a McDonald’s franchise.

It was a popular landmark and was soon absorbed into the McDonald’s location where it became something of a tourist attraction. The next step seemed pretty obvious really – use it as an extra dining room for the burger-munchers.



McDonald's, Taupo

48 Roberts St, Taupo 3330, New Zealand




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