Now look, guys. This is an article for females, okay? Girls, I don’t know about you but I think that men have one rather important advantage over us – yes, just one 😉

And if you’ve ever been hiking, boating, camping or enjoying time in the outdoors in the company of a chap, you’ll be well aware that their bodies give them a facility to do something that our bodies just aren’t designed to do.

They can pee standing up.

It’s just not fair, is it? It might be that you’re somewhere with not-to-sanitary facilities. (A racetrack, a campsite, an unattended bus station …) Or perhaps you’re on a loo-less boat.

Imagine you’re hiking in the countryside and nature calls. He merely unzips, fumbles for a second, points, pees – job done. We have to search for a suitable thicket or bush (checking that there are no nettles), furtively look over each shoulder to make sure there are no other hikers around, lower clothing, squat (ouch, not good on the thigh muscles or knee joints), pee, replace clothing, then emerge to find the aforementioned other hikers who know exactly what we’ve been doing in the shrubbery…

No longer.

Some time ago, some bright person – no doubt female – developed reusable plastic devices that could be used at festivals by girls who wanted to avoid those stinky portaloos. But then what? Put the thing in your handbag?

No. Use the disposable P-Mate!

These are one-use, disposable devices that allow you to pee standing up without exposing your rump to the world. No need to undress. You can point and squirt as efficiently as any bloke.

Now, although I am more than happy to try out and review products for our readers, I draw the line at making a video of me peeing. Luckily, a nice young girl on YouTube saved me the job…

I know that this isn’t the most pleasant of subjects but if you’re travelling anywhere in the world that might not have the most sanitary facilities (or indeed, has no facilities at all) keep a few of these disposable items in your bag.

I know, this seems so weird at first, but think about it.

You’ll find that this product is great for:

  • Camping, hiking and other outdoor activities
  • Ladies who have mobility problems with their legs or hips
  • When you’re enjoying a day boat with no loo
  • Those who are in a camper van with no indoor facilities
  • Times when you’re faced with disgusting public restrooms
  • Road trips
  • When you’re faced with squat toilets overseas
  • If you’re stuck in a traffic jam (keep a few in the glove box)
  • Music festivals and events

Some of us, particularly those of an older generation, might find using this strange at first so practice once or twice at home 😉

But soon you’ll realise how much freedom the P-Mate offers you. Freedom!



JJ is originally from the UK and has lived in South Florida since 1994. She is the founder and editor of JAQUO Magazine. You can connect with her using the social media icons below.
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