Well, here we have two very different musicians. One, in recent memory, lived in the twentieth century. The other in the eighteenth. But surprisingly, only a wall separated their living quarters. George Handel lived at 25 Brook Street in Mayfair. Two hundred years later, Jimi Hendrix lived at number 23.

Today, the top floors of both these houses have been amalgamated to make a museum commemorating the life and the works, of both musicians. You can see in the photograph above how both buildings have been awarded blue plaques – historical markers – by English Heritage.

Neither musician was English. Handel was German and Hendrix American. They both found more fame in the UK than they did in their homelands and in their own way, both changed the English music of their time. And other wrote and played very different music.

The museum is also a place of learning. The aim is to promote both Handel and Hendrix to the public.


Handel & Hendrix

23 Brook Street,
London W1K 4HA,




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