If you’re not fond of heights then El Caminito del Rey is somewhere that you really shouldn’t go. But if heights don’t bother you, or if you enjoy being scared out of your wits then this scary hike is definitely for you.

The walkway runs alongside mountainous peaks with a deadly drop at the side.

It was created in the early years of the twentieth century. Over the years though it became increasingly popular with daring travellers – probably due to the popularity of the coast that lies to the south – these are popular resorts. (See the map below). And over those years it became more and more dangerous.

Falling from the path means an unpleasant death on the rocks below. So after a series of fatal accidents, the authorities tried to make sure that the path was inaccessible to the general public. But it was irresistible for some and fatal accidents continued. It was decided that the only answer was to restore the walkway and at the same time, ensure its safety.

So the path was reopened in 2015 and although it’s now so much safer than before, it’s still a huge attraction. The path clings to the side of the gorge for 3 kilometres, it’s only a metre wide and it rises to 100 metres about the river below.

If you’re still undecided as to whether you want to visit, then check out the video below. Chances are it will put you off!

In the photograph below you can see the old original and crumbled path with the restored version above it.

How to Find El Caminito del Rey

Caminito del Rey

El Caminito del Rey,




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