In 1939, Roland Stickney designed a prefabricated diner in the form of contemporary streamlined railway trains. These were put into production and were made until 1949. Only two are still in operation and one is the Modern Diner in Pawtucket, RI.

Typical of the trains of the time and a very likely inspiration for the diner was the Burlington Zephyr.

Contrary to popular belief, diners dating from this period are rarely actual railroad cars but specifically created units.

Now the Modern Diner is listed in the National Register of Historic Places and has been since 1978. It was the first diner in the nation to be listed on the register.

The menu is exactly what you’d expect from an all-American diner – all-day breakfasts, burgers, omelets, pancakes … everything served with fries, mashed potatoes and if you wish, onion rings.

Iced tea and iced coffee are both marked as ‘seasonal’ as is the beef stew, fish is only served on Fridays and the menu also says that ‘wine and beer available’ but ‘ask your server’.

Custard French toast is one of the diner’s specialities.


Modern Diner

364 East Ave,
RI 02860,




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