Have you used a packing folder? They are a great way to keep your clothes from getting wrinkled when you pack. You can use the folder as a piece of luggage in its own right or add it to the bottom of your suitcase.

Most packing folders will hold about a dozen items and if you’re going for a vacation in a warm climate, what better way to pack twelve t-shirts into a small space – and have them remain wrinkle-free.

See the video below then scroll down for my (absolutely-free-won’t-cost-you-a-penny) tip.

Great isn’t it? You can see more info here. But you can fold your t-shirts and tops just as efficiently by using a magazine or similarly-sized book – or even a piece of cardboard.

  • Place t-shirt face down
  • Place magazine on t-shirt with the top at neck level
  • Fold each side of the t-shirt over the magazine
  • Fold the bottom up
  • Gently remove magazine
  • Add folded t-shirt to pile in carry on luggage

However, I do love the look of the folders as they come in so many different colours. See more below.



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