Peshtemal towels have been growing in popularity for a couple of years now but have you ever realised just how great they are when you’re travelling? They are very stylish and are even more convenient when you’re travelling than when you’re at home.

They are wonderfully lightweight which is a huge consideration when you’re packing your suitcase. It’s also a great bonus when you’re going to the beach or the pool. If you’re hiking, walking or jogging, the lightness of these towels make them ideal to carry along with you.

But unlike regular towels, they dry so much quicker – yet another great advantage when you’re travelling. And this fast drying means that they stay fresher for longer periods of time without having to go into the washing machine.

Peshtemal towels are very handy to have with you for other purposes too. Because they are so light, you can use them as a garment. Tie one around you sarong-fashion for a stylish beach cover-up. Wear one around your shoulders as a shawl on cooler evenings.

They can also be used as light blankets and because they are easily washable, they’re perfect to use as a ‘tablecloth’ for outdoor picnics.

Of course, they are fantastic for kids and babies because of their lightweight, fast-drying qualities.

Use peshtemal towels when you’re going to the gym or yoga class. They are much better than regular towels if you’re going swimming and you’ll find plenty of uses for them around the home.



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