Rednaxela Terrace is a street in the Mid-Levels section in Hong Kong. This is an affluent area and is a great attraction because of its massive walkway system.

The area is built on hills and in early times, the only way to get from place to place was by a series of long and probably tiring stairs. Then as modern inventions began to appear, these were enhanced by escalators. So much so that the escalator system here is the longest outdoor covered escalator system in the world.

Travelling on the escalator system means you can get around easily throughout this area and its large number of shops and restaurants.

However, when you’re travelling on the escalator, in between Caine Road and Mosque Street, you’ll see a small pedestrianised avenue – Rednaxela Terrace. And look at that name again. Where does it come from? Look closely.

Rednaxela is Alexander written in reverse. Is this coincidence? How did this happen?

There are several theories and no-one knows for certain but the generally accepted idea is that the street was supposed to be called Alexander Terrace but the man who was responsible for the street sign was accustomed to writing from right to left which is the way that Chinese used to be written. Hmm…

We have no way of knowing whether this is the truth but it’s a delightful story.

Where is Rednaxela Terrace?

Rednaxela Terrace



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