Stay at the La Dimora di Metello Hotel in Matera and the terrace above will be an excellent place to sit and enjoy a glass of local wine and gaze at the most amazing scenery. Sassi di Matera, also known as ‘The City of Caves’ is a UNESCO World Heritage site and Fodors describes the area as ‘one of the most unique landscapes in Europe’.

(I must add here – [sic]. Unlike Fodors, I do realise that ‘one of the most unique’ is not grammatically correct). But that’s me for you…

But grammar issues aside, Matera truly is an amazing place and it has some fabulous hotels. However La Dimora di Metello has been created by transforming ancient cave dwellings into an elegant and extremely stylish hotel.

The hotel is gorgeous. The designers have furnished it using neutral colours that compliment the hues of the natural stone. What’s more, a quick look on Tripadvisor shows that there are plenty of tours you can take in the area to make the most of your time there.

See a few photographs of the hotel interiors below.

You’d expect a hotel like that to be pricey but it seems that prices are very reasonable indeed. You can see more at the hotel’s website.

Local people were living in these caves thousands of years ago. Now we have a chance to experience the same – but with every modern amenity you could wish for.


Sassi di Matera

75100 Matera,
Province of Matera,


Via Casale,
75100 Matera MT,




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