There used to be a time – long ago admittedly – when I’d sink gratefully into my aircraft seat as soon as I could after boarding. Then, once I’d stowed my handbag on the floor under the seat in front of me, I’d relax.

That meant removing my jacket and stowing it up above, making sure that I had my book, a bottle of water and then… I’d remove my shoes.

Usually, I was en route to somewhere colder than where I live (not unusually as I live in Florida) so rather than putting boots or heavy shoes into my case, I’d wear them, Good sense, right?

Yes. But what I used to do next wasn’t sensible at all. It was bonkers. Mindful of comfort and swelling feet and all that sort of malarkey, I’d remove my footwear to add to my comfort.

Oh my goodness, that was so very gross.

Since that time I’ve read those exposé articles about how often, or rather how infrequently, planes are given a proper cleaning. (a “proper bottoming” my mother would have called it)  and we now all know how many unpleasant substances and bacteria can lurk on aircraft seats, the seat pocket, the tray, the armrests and just about every surface we touch.

And that goes for the floor of the plane too. Think about all those grubby show soles that are walking all over it. Imagine what they’ve walked through on their way to the airport. But it gets worse if you need to pee…

The floors of the aircraft loos are pretty disgusting, one way or another. At very best, they’ve been walked on by those same shoes that have sullied the carpet. At worst though … well, we don’t really want to think about that, do we? It doesn’t take much imagination to think about all the things that can go on in toilet cubicles and how much of it can end up under our stockinged- or, yikes, bare-feet.

So I started to travel carrying folding ballet slippers with me. These were a great idea because they take up hardly any room in your bag and can be used during your trip as bedroom slippers or save-you-feet-wear when you’re travelling by train or coach. An excellent idea, true, with just one problem. When you fold them up and put them in their handy carrying case you’re not just carrying the ballet slippers with you. You’ve got the germs too.

Enter Nufoot. This company has a range of soft ‘slipper-shoes’ that will protect your feet and look good at the same time. The great news though is that these are machine washable. (And of course, you can also hand wash them in your hotel sink).

They are available in lots of different styles and colours from Amazon (the spotty ones are my favourite though) and can be used for yoga, as slippers, as dancing shoes and of course, they are perfect for travel.


They are available for men and for kids too. See their main page on Amazon.




JJ is originally from the UK and has lived in South Florida since 1994. She is the founder and editor of JAQUO Magazine. You can connect with her using the social media icons below.

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