They call it the Big Buddha so it's pretty obvious that an English person like me is going to say "and it is a big bugger'. But what else would they possibly call this huge 112 ft. tall sculpture?  The thing is massive. On the right of the photograph you can just see, through the foliage, some steps leading up to it. Those tiny splodges on there are people.

You can see in the image below how he tends to dominate the landscape.

The sculpture has an ancient look about it, doesn’t it? Yet it was created in 1993.

Interestingly, there’s a cable car that runs up to the statue. So visitors get the best possible view of the surrounding area, especially as you can choose to have a cable car with a glass floor. That’s pretty scary in a way but also very cool.

Even though the cable car has taken you way up the hill there are still 268 steps to climb before you get to the statue itself.

The Big Buddha is on an island as you can see on the map below. It’s a traditional sort of place with ramshackle buildings and traditional fishing boats. It’s not a bad idea to arrive hungry though as there are various restaurants and a great array of street food.


Tian Tan Buddha

Ngong Ping Rd,
Lantau Island,
Hong Kong




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