At the Clink Restaurant in London, you can combine fine dining with the experience of visiting a genuine working prison. There are four Clink Restaurants in the UK, run by the Clink Charity, and in every one meals are created and served by prisoners who are studying to work in the demanding hospitality industry when they are released.

So in addition to enjoying an incredible meal and experiencing robust prison security, you’ll also be helping a very worthwhile charity.

When you visit the London restaurant (it is in Brixton Prison) you’ll find that you have to make your booking 72 hours in advance. In addition:

  • You’ll need to show government-issued photo ID. Your ID will be exchanged for a prison pass and returned to you when you leave
  • You are not permitted to carry more than £50 in cash and you can only pay for your meal with a cheque – credit cards and cash are not allowed
  • You cannot take your cellphone or computer into the prison. Ladies cannot take handbags. Guests are provided with lockers for their belongings
  • You may be fingerprinted and searched (the equivalent of an airport search, nothing too severe)
  • You will be served delicious food by the prisoners who are being trained as part of the educational scheme. Prisoners have also cooked your meal as part of the training scheme
  • You will not be permitted to blog about your experience or upload details to social media, although you’re free to write a review at TripAdvisor
  • You will not be able to have wine with your meal – alcohol is not allowed on prison grounds
  • You are not permitted to tip your servers. However, if you feel that you’ve had exceptional service and that the locally sourced, fresh foods have been fabulous, then giving a donation to the Click charity is a great idea

The restaurant is open Monday to Friday for breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea, and on Thursday evenings for dinner. Sunday lunch is also served.


Brixton Prison

Jebb Ave,
London SW2 5XF,




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