You might not be old enough to remember what air travel was like in the 1960s and 70s. But I’m assured that it was very different. In those days, flying was still classed as something of a luxury and a definite event. Some people refer to it as ‘the golden age of  air travel.’

Although those days are long gone, you can still enjoy the experience thanks to Air Hollywood. This is a studio that specialises in providing sets for films and TV shows that feature in-flight shots. The company has a perfectly reconstructed Boeing 747 dating from ‘the golden age’ and you can enjoy an evening aboard complete with a delicious meal.

What’s more, you won’t be bothered by any turbulence or distractions because the plane doesn’t actually take off. This is an time travelling experience where you get a glimpse into another era, without having to consider your carbon footprint.

When you arrive at the ‘airport’ you’ll check in just as you would for a normal flight and receive boarding passes and tickets in the old Pan Am style. In the Clipper Club lounge you’ll see genuine memorabilia from the golden age and then it will be time to board.

Your stewardess (that’s how they were referred to in those days) will meet you, pour for you the drink of your choice and you’ll be able to explore every aspect and authentic detail of the aircraft. Music from those far off days will accompany your tour, more than likely Frank Sinatra.

Take your seat and watch your stewardess give a safety briefing and compare it to today’s – note that she will be wearing a uniform from the era. Check out the completely authentic details as you settle back in your ‘sleeperette’ seat.

Now is the time for your five course meal composed of foods that were so popular in the glory days of Pan Am. Your starter will be typical of the era such as a shrimp cocktails or a tomato and mozzarella appetiser along with bread selections. Your main course will be a delicious Chateaubriand carved at your table. (Note that dietary restrictions are catered for so don’t worry if red meat is not for you).

Enjoy fruit, cheese and biscuits with a glass of fine port wine and leave room if you can because the dessert trolley will soon and tea and coffee are served to finalise your meal. After dinner, tour the Air Hollywood Studio if you wish and see interior plane sets that have been used in many famous movies.



Pan Am Experience

Pan Am Experience by Air Hollywood
13240 Weidner Street
Los Angeles, CA 91331
p. +818.890.0444
f. +818.890.7041




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