Of course, there are those who think that fast-food burgers are the work of the devil but even amongst us there are also those who love Mid Century Modern architecture (and the lifestyle it conjures up) and if you’re in the Hollwood area, then Bob’s is must-do experience.

It was designed in 1949 by the well-known architect Wayne MacAllister who was the man behind some of the most iconic Mid Century American buildings – for example, the Desert Inn in Las Vegas. See this fabulous photograph.

Don’t you love those bathing suits from the days when belly buttons were seen as ‘rude’?

The Big Boy Mascot (and the Big Boy name) was developed when a young boy, a stoutish lad, started working there in the early days. He inspired the mascot which was drawn and created by animator Ben Washam of Warner Bros.

Big Boy even had his own comic. Yes, not just his own comic strip but an actual comic that was produced for all the branches of the Big Boy franchise to give away to kids to keep them occupied while waiting for their food. It was written by Stan Lee of Marvel Comics fame.

A further claim to fame, not that another is needed, is that when the Beatles were on their 1965 American Tour, they requested a meal at a ‘real American diner’ and were taken here, to Bob’s. The booth they sat in is still the most requested and is known as ‘the Beatles’ booth’.

Happily, the menu is great – and it’s not all burgers. Even vegetarians will find some excellent dining choices.

The diner holds regular events – every Friday is a classic car show which adds the perfect atmosphere to this Mid Century venue. And there’s even a rather cool range of merchandise including retro t-shirts with Bob’s logo and designs. Even boxers…

Learn more in the video below.


Bob's Big Boy Burger

4211 W Riverside Dr,
CA 91505,




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