I don’t know about you, but until the early part of 2020 the idea of staying healthy during travels and travel risk management wasn’t something I’d even thought about.

Delays such as missing a flight to Paris or finding that train drivers are on strike in Madrid or whatever unexpected situation occurred were “sorta kinda” part of the fun and spontaneity of travel. You know, “if the car hadn’t broken down in Sorrento we’d have never found that fabulous taverna…” Spontaneous events were part of the fun.

But then along came COVID 19.

It’s made many if not most of us more careful about our health and safety when we travel. The Sinata app is just what you need. It’s great for individuals but managers who organise business travel for others will also find it invaluable. It’s certainly an app that provides peace of mind.
There are plenty of apps that plan your itinerary but take a look at this list, from the Sinita website:

  • Organize your itinerary
  • Plan your trip
  • Learn about vaccinations
  • Discover recommended medications
  • Helps improve your personal safety
  • Avoid unsafe areas
  • Lists recent travel disruptions
  • Finds places near your hotel
  • Saves important travel information
  • Works across devices
  • Creates privacy zones
  • Connects you to medical practitioners when you’re sick*
  • Sends real-time flight updates
  • Updates you for terminal and gates changes
  • Automatically shares your itinerary for you
  • Keeps friends and loved ones aware of your safety
  • Informs friends and loved ones about your travel progress
  • Warns you about threats to your safety
  • Informs you about travel disruptions of all kinds
  • Enhances your organization’s travel risk management program
  • Keeps your travel worry-free

Now the great thing about this is that the app is FREE. There is a paid version (which gives you added benefits; the ones listed above after the asterisk) but that is only $59 per year at time of writing.

See the 45 second video below for a quick intro.

Use the link below to visit the site.

Your Best Travel Companion. Travel worry-free with the most comprehensive travel health & safety platform on the planet. - Sitata

Avoid tourist scams, quickly find hospitals, and stay up to date with real-time travel alerts. Sitata is the most comprehensive travel safety platform on the planet.




JJ is originally from the UK and has lived in South Florida since 1994. She is the founder and editor of JAQUO Magazine. You can connect with her using the social media icons below.

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