The first time I went to Morocco, Chefchaouen wasn’t a place to visit. It was the sort of place that visitors simply drive past en route from Tangier to Fes,

Although it is a medieval town, it had little – well, nothing – to attract the tourist. But the women of Chefchaouen changed all that.

Their beautification program included painting almost every building in this charming little town in a restful shade of blue. As the sunlight changes throughout the day, and the light falls differently on the walls, the alleys and the narrow walkways, this blue changes from pale eggshell to deep sapphire.

As you stroll through the cobbled streets of the shaded alleyways and into sunlit courtyards, Chefchaouen becomes an almost magical place where you can mingle with residents going about their daily routine dressed in traditional garb.

Visitors come across the unexpected such as ornate drinking fountains, unusual wrought iron work, traditional lanterns, magnificent Moorish tiles or a plethora of potted blooms.

Visitors to Chefchaouen can also dine at outdoor cafés, plus browse or buy locally made crafts that are unavailable elsewhere. But let’s allow the images and video below explain more….








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