it seems that in the 1930s, Hitler and Mussolini were on the same page when it came to building coastal resorts of the people. Hitler had Prora and Mussolini had Colonia Fara. And both still exist and are equally spooky.

Also, both are in the process of being restored – I would have preferred them to have been preserved as ghoulish museums.

Colonia Faro was used for two years before the Second World War – it housed children and yet once hostilities broke out, it was used to house soldiers and partly as a military hospital. After the war, it housed children once again – this time refugees.

It is located in the popular area of Chiavari – there are many things to see and do there but Colonia Fara should be experienced before it is restored out of history.



Colonia Fara

Via Preli, 13,
16043 Chiavari GE,




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