Hate long-haul flights? I do but nevertheless, I prefer to have a little time in the air to settle down, have a glass of wine and read a book. I wouldn’t have those opportunities though if I took a flight from Westray to Papa Westray in the Orkney Islands.

That’s because the flight takes, on average, about eighty seconds.

That’s right. The distance between the two islands is 2.7 km (1.7 ml.) and yet flying is by far the best way to travel. There’s no bridge so therefore no road or rail access. There’s a passenger ferry that’s slooooow.

Yet the record time for the flight between the two islands is only 52 seconds.

There are several scheduled flights during weekdays and the route is becoming popular with tourists. That’s not just because both islands have a natural wild beauty with fabulous scenery.  Nowadays, travellers are looking for experiences and travelling on the shortest scheduled passenger flight in the world is certainly something that the neighbours may not have done!


Westray Airport

Westray Airport (WRY),
1 Sand O Gill,
Orkney KW17 2DN,

Papa Westray Airport

Papa Westray Airport,
Papa Westray,
Orkney KW17 2BU,




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