Millions of passengers travel through St Pancras Station in London every year. With trains going to Europe (Paris, Amsterdam, Rotterdam… via the Channel Tunnel), connections going to various parts of the UK – with all that train activity going on people are usually in a hurry.

But you just never know who might be there performing. Yes, performing.

You see, in 2012 as part of the worldwide Play Me I’m Yours installation by artist Luke Jerram, pianos were set up at many locations throughout London for the public to play. And when the exhibition was over, several of these pianos were relocated to St Pancras Station.

As you can see below, some of the performers have been well known…

However, the pianos are available for any passing member of the public to play. So yes, you can definitely have a go if you want.

For example, this workman surprised a few people…

St Pancras has a fascinating history. Originally built in Victorian times, it was bombed and damaged during the Blitz of the Second World War.

Post-war, it was deemed to be unwanted by the rail network and was in danger of demolition. It was saved by, amongst others, the poet laureate and the woman who in the war decoded the message that meant that the Allies could sink the Bismarck.

A fascinating place for so many reasons.


St Pancras International

St Pancras International,
Euston Rd,
Kings Cross,
London N1C 4QP,


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