West African painter Joseph Adibleku is inspired by colours. He has been painting since he was young and his work is valued due to Joseph’s natural talent.

A fabulous range of his work is now available online and can be shipped to almost anywhere in the world. The online store is run in collaboration with National Geographic so high quality is assured.

Joseph says:

Paintings should not be seen solely as art work, but also as mirrors that reflect everyday life. I use the palette knife, brushes and acrylic paints for my art work.

I have exhibited my work locally, and currently I have three young people learning with me. I love to listen to good music and to travel for inspiration

Joseph’s artwork makes a great gift but also a lovely treat for yourself.

A reviewer commented:

I love this direction in your art. Continue to let your soul shine through

It was difficult for me to choose a couple of examples of Joseph’s work to show you on this page. Finally I simply selected two paintings that I’d love to have at home on my own walls.

You can see many more examples here.




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