What on earth is allemansrätten? It’s something that attracts visitors to Scandinavia from all over the world. It’s a principle that Sweden is proud of – as well as other Scandinavian countries and one or two in Europe too. It is ‘freedom to roam’ and gives ancient rights to all, locals and visitors alike.

What this means is that everyone has the right to use the land, the air, the water, even if it’s private property. 

Think what this means for the traveller. No restrictions on where you can put up your tent, you can hike across any fields, meadows or mountains, you can swim or fish in any lake or river.

The Swedish tourist authority – the body responsible for attracting visitors to the country – partnered with Airbnb to feature the entire country as a friendly and relaxed place to stay. See the video below.

Airbnb has built a huge company using the idea of promoting freedom – freedom from the constraints of conventional accommodation for travellers.
As you can see in the video, the country promotes itself as a destination where guests can be completely flexible. They have no need to book. This fits in so well with what travellers today are looking for; spontaneity.

What did Airbnb have to say?

“Every lake is your infinity pool, every mountaintop your granite terrace, every meadow becomes a garden and every forest a pantry filled with mushrooms and berries. Feel free to take a morning jog or bike ride across open fields or trek through challenging mountain terrain. Should you want an upgrade, you do not need to ask anyone, just find the best location that suits you and your mood.”





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