Whether you want to head to the hills like the guy in the photograph above or prefer your camping to be in a luxury RV, the vacation starts with deciding where to go. At the time of writing, with a pandemic underway, many people are considering camping in one of its many forms for their next trip.

And as leisure-time flying isn’t advised for most people at the moment, Americans are thinking more and more about exploring their own country and possibly Canada and Mexico.

The pleasures of the outdoors have been increasing in popularity in recent years, possibly because of the increasing awareness of the fragility of our planet. Fifty years ago the ideal vacation was lying on a beach and getting fried to a frazzle by the hot sun – we have different tastes today.

More than 7.2 million households in the U.S. have started camping over the past five years, bringing the total number of camping households in the U.S. to a new high of 78.8 million.

Given that there are so many places to explore in North America, how to decide where to go? And what amenities do you need?

For example, some people want to be free of all screens when they enjoy life off the grid, others (and I’m one of them) want a good internet connection, proper loos and a shower. There are so many variables and so many places to go to.

Then there’s the cost. The fees charged start at ….well, free. Of course, the more facilities, the higher the price. Many people like to use a mixture of facilities, moving from a free spot right next to a lake that provides beautiful scenery and little else, to an all-mod-cons location the next day with hot showers, electrical hookups, laundry facilities, wifi, swimming pool…

Of course, some people are really organised and plan their routes in advance – others prefer to go where the spirit takes them.

Campendium helps us all, no matter what our preferences are. You can search for campsites for tent camping or those which have room for huge RVs and everything in between. Free campsites are extensive covered too. 

Reviews tell you much more than the basics. Getting comments from people who have stayed at the site you’re looking at is invaluable. Their stories tell you so much more than the list of amenities and the location. Everything you need to know is on the site.

For those who prefer freeform travels, the site also has a great app. This is so very useful when you’re on your trip. This video explains more.

Take a look at the website – campendium.com and get the app from the App Store. The app is free although there is an option to ‘become a supporter’ of the site to access a few features and have an ad-free experience. This is only $20 per annum.

Here’s an example of a free place to stay.

RVShare: Airbnb For Road Trips

Although I tend to favour luxury hotels whenever possible, I have to admit that I also have a fondness for the convenience - and fun - of camping. But I've grown out of the peeing-in-a-bush thing and although I love the freedom, I rather like to have a proper shower, cook on something a little less primitive than a campfire and enjoy a soft mattress at night.

Camping Hammock: Sleep in the Trees

To me, hammocks have long been symbolic of lazy days in the sun, relaxing and having a good time. And that's one of the reasons why I love camping hammocks and the idea of sleeping in the trees.




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