Although I tend to favour luxury hotels whenever possible, I have to admit that I also have a fondness for the convenience – and fun – of camping. But I’ve grown out of the peeing-in-a-bush thing and although I love the freedom, I rather like to have a proper shower, cook on something a little less primitive than a campfire and enjoy a soft mattress at night.

So enter the RV.

For years, it’s been possible to rent RVs for the duration of your trip. Which is fine but surely a peer-to-peer system could give you more choice and, even, better value for money? Of course. Hence RV Share.

Since Airbnb started its services in 2008, we’ve seen a lot of spin-offs such as peer-to-peer boat share, bike share, plane share and even an ‘Airbnb for seniors’. Now it’s the turn of the RV and the caravan. I’m English so I call them ‘caravans’ – if you’re in the USA you’ll be more familiar with the words ‘travel trailer’ or even ‘fifth wheel’.

But whatever you choose to call them, the site has plenty of options for you to choose from. Do you want to tow your home on wheels? Or do you prefer a motorhome that you can drive? Some owners will deliver the RV to the location of your choice so that you don’t have to drive at all.

Do you want accommodation that’s pet-friendly so that the entire family can travel together? Are you looking for a budget caravan for a couple’s getaway? Or maybe a huge, sleeps-ten place is more the sort of thing to need for your large family or party of friends. They, and everything in between, are available on the site.

There are up-to-the-minute models with absolutely every convenience you can imagine and also some gloriously quirky vintage vehicles.

The site offers these from verified users and like Airbnb and similar systems, users can leave reviews for potential renters to read before making their choice.

Roadside assistance, 24/7, is all included in the price should you rent an RV to drive and prices seem to be very good – I was just drooling over a very cute 1993 18 footer (with AC, another necessary amenity for me these days) and it sleeps 6 people and yet the cost is $59 per night.

Maybe owners who list their vehicles are similar to Airbnb owners in that they offer low prices until they get a good number of reviews on their listing. This isn’t a policy that I agree with as an Airbnb owner but when I put on my renter’s hat instead, I’m happy to take advantage of their policy.

A reminder of the site > RVShare. Check it out.




JJ is originally from the UK and has lived in South Florida since 1994. She is the founder and editor of JAQUO Magazine. You can connect with her using the social media icons below.

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